Legal Terms

The following are the general conditions of the services we offer. The conditions are deemed accepted once we receive your instructions/confirmation to carry out the shipping, declaring or acknowledging the binding nature of all the financial obligations due to the concepts we bill, directly or on behalf of third-parties. The client guarantees that the information furnished to Magnum Logistics S.A on the nature, weight, volume, value, hazardous nature, special handling, and any other features of the goods are accurate. Magnum Logistics S.A. takes responsibility for the adequate selection of transport companies and other logistics service providers, as well as the proper execution of the agreements, based on the information provided by the client. Its liability is established by the regulations in the commercial mandate agreement with representation. The maximum liability will be determined by the applicable law of the route where the damage occurred, or else one American dollar (US $1) per kilo of gross weight of the transported goods. Magnum Logistics S.A. shall not be liable based on the declared value of the goods. In any case, the total and accumulated compensation for any event that Magnum Logistics S.A. must pay the client shall in no case exceed an amount equivalent to US$10.000.

 Limited liability:

 The liability of Magnum Logistics S.A. will be outlined as follows: 

1. When Magnum Logistics S.A. acts as transitory freight forwarder: 

 • In air shipping, the liability shall be limited to 17 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per kilo of damaged or lost goods.

 • In ocean shipping, limited to 2 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per kilo of damaged or lost goods, or to 666,67 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per damaged or lost freight unit, depending on the highest freight charge.

 • In case of delay, limited to the amount of the charged freight.

 2. When Magnum Logistics S.A. acts as trustee: 

• In case of loss, theft, or breakdown of the stored goods, limited to no more than 8.33 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per kilo of damaged or lost goods.

• In the rest of the cases, to the amount of the damage actually caused. 

3. When Magnum Logistics S.A. acts as provider of other services:

 • Its liability is limited to the amount of the damage actually caused. 

 • In any case, the total limit of Magnum Logistics S.A. liability, acting as any of the above, shall not exceed the 10.000 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per event.

 • In no case shall Magnum Logistics S.A. be liable for any kind of indirect damage such as Lucrum Cessans, market loss, penalties, fines, or any other kind of consequential damage. 

Magnum Logistics S.A. does not take responsibility for goods damage or loss when they are under the custody of the transport companies or other contracted logistics service providers, before whom the claim shall be processed on behalf and by the client, according to the regulations of every agreement.

All claims shall be submitted by the client in a maximum period of 48 hours after the date when the goods were or should have been delivered.

In case Magnum Logistics S.A. issues a multimodal transport document or a house bill of lading, due to obligations arising from Colombian customs regulations, the parties understand, acknowledge, and agree that such document will be issued by Magnum Logistics S.A. for customs clearance purposes only, and that such issuance does not affect Magnum Logistics S.A. liability in any way.

International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures – ISPM No.15:  We hereby notify our clients that they are the one and only responsible for the due compliance with the standard for wood packaging. Magnum Logistics S.A. shall not take any kind of responsibility due to the consequences resulting from failure to comply with such standard.

Insurance: If the insurance for the goods has been contracted with Magnum Logistics S.A., the shipments whose CIF amount exceeds COP $150´000.000 shall pay an additional premium for the transport company insurance equivalent to 0.5% plus VAT of the CIF, for the amount of goods exceeding one hundred fifty million pesos (COP $150´000.000).

 Client liability:

 The client shall be liable for its acts or omissions caused by negligence, acts or omissions caused by its representatives (subcontractors, assistants, and direct reports, among others). In particular, the client shall be liable for all the consequences resulting from:

 • Packaging, labeling, and tagging that are not appropriate for the transport requirements or the hired activity

 • Inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, or incomplete documents or instructions

 • Labeling or tagging the goods in an incorrect, inexact, or insufficient manner

 • Delay or failure to submit the necessary documentation





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